Leading the way in cable management

NMSS, a name steadily surging ahead in the field of Interior, Roof and Wall Cladding Market and becoming synonymous with this Industry, is Located in a New Industrial Area in Ajman, having in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which provide Roof and Wall Cladding Systems.

Comprising of Corrugated Roof and wall Cladding Sheet, Roof and wall Sandwich Panel, Z & C Purlin, GI Metal Decking Sheet, fence panel, Dry Wall partition system and other valuable steel products since 2009. Aggressively expanding its product horizon, by closely understanding the existing market demand and needs of its consumers in the competitive market conditions.


NMSS offers some of the strongest cable trays in their classes and produces them to a very high structural and visual standard. Cable trays offer continuous support of cables, are lightweight, quick and straightforward to install just about anywhere, and generally mean that changing cabling services over the lifetime of a project is an easy process. They are suited to both inside and outside installation.

All the places where their products are delivered

NMSS high-quality cable trays are supplied to every place in UAE. they are the leading Cable tray suppliers in Dubai and their product is delivered to all places such as Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah at very low prices. And we export to GCC Countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain and also to African countries like Algeria, Comoros, Namibia, Sudan, Tunisia, Cameron, Nigeria, Uganda, Eritrea, Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Djibouti, Kenya, Mozambique, South Sudan etc.

NMSS cable trays are manufactured fully by British Standard BSEN 61537:2002 to simplify the process of installation. These are available in Light and Heavy Duty Straight flange, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy Duty with inside return flanges.

Need of cable tray

Nowadays, when a building is constructed, a support system is required for laying insulated cables. Some wires are used for power distribution and control and others are used for communication. The noted cable Tray suppliers in Dubai understand the importance of such products.


NMSS cable ladders are manufactured fully by British Standard BSEN 61537:2002 to simplify the process of installation. These are available in Light and Heavy Duty Straight Flanged, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy Duty with inside and outside return flanges. They are one of the popular Cable ladder manufacturers in Dubai.

Smooth finishing High elasticity A robust build-up Low maintenance Optimal protection to cables Lightweight High strength Accessibility in various shapes and sizes Helpful in organizing the cables Spreads the burden in a proper manner Very easy to install Protects the necessary cables from very high temperature and fire flames which makes their cables ladder to withstand distinctive circumstances which makes them a reliable Cable ladder suppliers in Dubai.

Modern buildings and their internal arrangements

In many modern buildings, there is a network of internal cabling systems. It is necessary to meet the cable management as per industrial and normal standards. Cables are used for a variety of purposes. If the cables are damaged then this could lead to deterioration in performance. Due to damage to cables, and the power supply, the transmission of data can get interrupted. Damage to cables can increase the downtime. It is very necessary to pay attention towards cable management.


Cable Trunking is made from sheet steel and can be formed into a range of combinations of widths and heights so it is easy to find a size to fit your installation needs. NMSS trunking covers are equipped with jet locks & screw locks also. NMSS trunkings are being manufactured to BS EN 10143:1999 (BS 2989) & BS EN 10327: 2004. Their products are up to the quality standard which makes them the best Cable trunking manufacturers in Dubai.

They are normally offered in either pre-galvanised steel or hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO1461:1999. We also offer cable trunkings with finishes Powder coated, Epoxy paint, Stainless steel and Aluminium.