Speed up the home-building process using new technology

The biggest Insulated Panel Manufacturers Dubai for roofing and cladding in the Middle East, NMSS specializes in the production of seamless roofing systems, unitized glass systems, doors, windows, cold rooms, prefabricated shelters, porta cabins, factory-manufactured houses, stainless steel kitchen equipment, merchandising refrigerators, cable trays, and metal sheds. To its local clientele, the business also offers galvanizing services.

We produce fire-rated building materials with specific product certificates. Our production facilities are state-of-the-art, and we have the largest production capacity in the Middle East. With our years of experience, we make goods that meet international quality standards and satisfy client needs by ensuring timely delivery and superb customer support.

Insulated panels' benefits

Building a house can happen faster since the manufacturer prefabricates structural insulated panels. These rigid panels are great for walls and floors since they can be put together on-site, saving the need to stick build these portions of the structure.

The use of insulated panels has the following advantages:

Energy efficiency: The foam core's higher insulation content, as compared to that of regular floor or wall construction, produces an airtight seal that reduces heat loss and uses less energy.

Cost-friendly: Compared to stick-building a house, the structural panels are less expensive because they arrive pre-made and simply need to be assembled on-site. This process saves time while using less labour and materials.

Eco-friendliness: The manufacturing process of structural insulated panels results in reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Good insulation: The house remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to the non-conductive foam core in the middle. Give designers the freedom to create unconventional constructions like sloping roofs and other forms of architecture that are not achievable with concrete or steel.

Superior construction: Their shell is seven times stronger than that of wood buildings because of their resistance to extreme weather and low temperatures when compared to traditional building materials.

Faster construction: Larger sections may be assembled more rapidly since structural insulated panels are manufactured to your precise specifications.

During building, very few errors are made: Exactly the right size to fit the house's exact specifications. The precision-engineering process reduces building errors. It is also easier to correct any error that may occur before the on-site erection.

Compatibility with other materials: Due to its versatility, it can be utilized with other building supplies. This versatility makes large-scale construction easier, even with its high material requirements.

Soundproofing properties: A unique layered structure enables the panels to block or absorb a range of noise frequencies by utilizing panels with different densities.

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